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AAPPR / SR-EM # 030 - Calin Dover Tarrats

Calin Dover Tarrats (b.1969 Bronx, New York) is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on the studies of sociology, physics, and social problems. Using abstract organic or circular images, he makes prints, paintings, installations, and sounds that investigate space as a reflection of the multiplicity of dimensions. A creative spark that transforms an abstraction into figuration, the forms are transformed into "creatures" or enigmatic maps reflecting existing realities independently of ourselves. His work urges a reconsideration of the obvious that also brings the banal and everyday life into an altered focus. He is constantly studying the conditions of social-events in terms of how they affect us as individuals, or as a society, and how we react to these issues based on Abraham Maslow’s theory, and his analysis of human needs.


1987 - Luchetti High School, San Juan, PR.
2005 - Universidad del Este (UNE), BSA: Social Work, Carolina PR.
2006 - 2007 - Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR): Extension courses of continue education in the discipline of Painting I & II, San Juan, PR.
2007 - MAP (Museo de Arte de Ponce): Internship of museology, San Juan, PR.
2011 - Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico (EAP), BFA: Painting
Summa Cum Laude, San Juan, PR.


•Honor role at the EAP in the curriculum of Painting for three consecutive years.

•First place award at the contest of emerging artists of the Trinitaria Gallery (2008) Ponce, PR.


•2016 - Esférica: Solo exhibition, Guatíbiri Gallery, Río Piedras, PR.

•2016 - Synthesis: Group exhibition. Comisión estatal de elecciones. San Juan, PR. 
•2015 - 3ra Bienal Municipal de Arte de Ponce. Biblioteca Municipal Mariana Suarez de Longo. Group exhibition. Ponce, PR.

•2014 - 72 Hrs: Group Exhibition. Group exhibition. Tonita Hambleton Arts Studio. HatoRey, PR.

•2014 - Adál Maldonado’sGo F_ck Your Selfie” (Sound performance as a guest artist). Robert Paradice Gallery. Santurce, PR.

•2013 - 40 years of Guatíbiri Gallery: Group Exhibition, Río Piedras, PR.

•2013 -  Adál Maldonado’s “Blueprints for a nation” (Sound performance as a guest artist). Francisco Oller Gallery of Arts, UPR (Universidad de Puerto Rico), Río Piedras, PR.

•2013 - Feria de Arte Sonoro (FAS 2013) / GIRATORIODEKSPRESION VIlI: Group exhibition of sound art and experimental music. Universidad de Sagrado Corazón (USC). Santurce, PR.

•2012 - DiasporArte: Group exhibition. Pamil Fine Art Gallery. Río Piedras, PR.

•2012 - Aduana; Isla de Todos: Group Exhibition. Compañía de Turismo de Puerto Rico.

•2012 - Casa González Cuyar, Colegio de Arquitectos y Arquitectos paisajistas de PR, Santurce PR.

•2012 - GIRATORIODEKSPRESION VII: Group exhibition of visual arts and experimental music. Universidad de Sagrado Corazón. Santurce, PR.

•2012 - La Juntilla: Group exhibition. Local 1B. Río Piedras, PR.

•2012 - Munny con Causa 1: Group exhibition. FroyoWorld. San Juan, PR.

•2012 - Esperando la guagua: Group exhibition. The Gallery. San Juan, PR.

•2011 - Botello Gallery: Group exhibition. San Juan, PR.

•2011 - DiasporArte: Group exhibition. Pamil Fine Art Gallery. Río Piedras, PR.

•2011 - Chikitolina 3: Group exhibition. Centro Curatorial La Quince. Santurce, PR.

•2011 - Del tapiz al placemat: Internacional group exhibition. Comisión estatal de elecciones. San Juan, PR.

•2011 - Ciudades Utópicas; el cuerpo, el espacio (des)habitado y la ciudad: International group exhibition. La Paternal Espacio Proyecto (Ministerio de Cultura). Buenos Aires, Argentina.

•2011 - Be Brave: Group exhibition. The Gallery. San Juan, PR.

•2011 - Expo colectivo en Puntazo (Santurce es Ley 3): Group exhibition. Studio Puntazo. Santurce, PR.

•2011 - John Cage en los demás: International postal art project paying tribute to John Cage. Santa Lucía, Uruguay.

•2011 - Um Himmels Willen: Group exhibition. The Peripher. Zurich, Switzerland.

•2011 - Botello Gallery: Group exhibition (unlisted). San Juan, PR.

•2011 - Colectivo: Studio Puntazo. Santurce, PR.

•2011 - Serie regional jugadores Pampers (proyecto 3): a group exhibition of urban anthropology and sound art. “La Puntilla: Antiguo arsenal de la Marina Española”. San Juan, PR.

•2010 - DiasporArte: Group exhibition. Pamil Fine Art Gallery. Río Piedras, PR.

•2010 - Botello Gallery: Group exhibition. San Juan, PR.

•2010 - Exposición anual de pintura experimental y dibujo: Selected two works for the annual Group exhibition of the painting department. Escuela de Artes Plásticas (EAP), San Juan, PR.

•2010 - SonoMacLab: Group exhibition of sound art. MAC (Museum of Contemporary Arts). San Juan, PR.

•2010 - Aroma del Color: Group exhibition. Pamil Fine Art Gallery. Río Piedras, PR.

•2010 - A collective exhibition between Jiyoung Choi and Calin Dover Tarrats: Guatíbiri Gallery. Río Piedras, PR.

•2010 - Feria de Arte Sonoro (FAS 2010): Group exhibition of sound art and experimental music. Espacio Arana. San Juan, PR.

•2010 - Fresh: Group exhibition of puertorrican abstract art. Brío Gallery. San Juan, PR.

•2010 - Klein 50 Saltos: International postal art project paying tribute to Ives Klein “Le Saut dans le Vide”. Santa Lucía, Uruguay.

•2010 - The 5th Blue Sky Project: An International exhibition. Imai Museum, mitsuke City, Niigatea prefecture, Japan.

•2010 - Semillas de Rosina Santana: Assisted in a project run by Rosina Santana. Centro Curatorial La Quince (Santurce es Ley #1). Santurce, PR.

•2010 - Exhibition of independent and experimental music at the Totem Café (Performed experimental music and live action painting) a  multidisciplinary audiovisual experience presented by “El festival de la palabra” and Giratoriogroup. San Juan, PR.

•2010 - Stop Child Abuse: First international exhibition of visual poetry and postal art of PR. UMET (Universidad Metropolitana). Cupey, PR.

•2010 - Abrazo Caribeño por Haití: A collective pro-funds auction to assist thestruggles of Haiti. La Repuesta. Santurce, PR.

•2009 - GIRATORIODEKSPRESION V: Group exhibition of visual arts and experimental music. USC. Santurce, PR.

•2009 - Mario Paoli en el Espacio Arana: Sound art activity (performed experimental music as guest artist). Espacio Arana. San Juan, PR.

•2009 - Conociendo a Paoli: An evening with video and sound artist Mario Paoli (performed experimental music as a guest artist). Casa Aboy San Juan, PR.

•2009 - CIRCA art fair: Selected for the Group exhibition at the space of the EAP, San Juan, PR.

•2009 - El Pulguero de los Artistas: Alternative contemporary art fair, San Juan, PR.

•2008 - Entre lo orgánico a un mecanismo complejo: Solo exhibition, IL' Jazz Club. Río Piedras, PR.

•2008 - ArteVivo: Invited artist by the municipality of Caguas. Centro de Bellas Artes, Caguas, PR.

•2008 - Arte Nuestro: Group exhibition, Centro Cultural Miguel Muñoz Meléndez. Cayey, PR.

•2008 - Muses of art: Group exhibition. Universidad del Este, (UNE). Carolina, PR.

•2008 - GIRATORIODEKSPRESION IV: Group exhibition of visual arts and experimental music. USC, Santurce, PR.

•2008 - Arterias y tejidos no necesariamente hacen un cuerpo: Solo exhibition, Guatíbiri Gallery, Río Piedras, PR.

•2008 - Convocatoria de Artistas Emergentes: Group exhibition. Trinitaria Gallery. Ponce, PR.

•2008 - Exposición anual de la EAP: Selected for the annual group exhibition of the EAP, San Juan, PR.

•2008 - El Pulguero de los Artistas: Alternative contemporary art fair, San Juan, PR.

•2008 - After our Hearts: Group exhibition of arts and music, Café Teatro Arabá. Santurce, PR.

•2007 - Scion Next Fest: Action painting performance with the band Astrid Pröll. San Juan, PR.

•2007 - Maco Studio Art Gallery: Group exhibition. Guaynabo, PR.

•2006 - GIRATORIODEKSPRESION III: Group exhibition of visual arts and  experimental music. School of Fine Arts of Arecibo, PR.

Professional Experiences:

2013 - Gersh Academy (San Juan, PR):
Art Teacher/Para-profesional: Instructed students with autism and other spectrum about basic life-skills and targeted behaviours in other for them to be more functional. Also encourage creativity; and help students to develop an appreciation of art and their surroundings.

2011 - 2013 Boys & Girls Club of PR (San Juan, PR)
Art Leader: Recruited participants, and instructed them by implementing creativity by using different areas of arts. Helped to create artistic stages, expositions and murals for special events. Also organised workshops for parents, and the community directed to produce moral support.

2010 - 2012 Alianza Sicosocial de Puerto Rico (San Juan, PR)
Art Teacher: Instructed students of two different public residential housing in the elements of painting; encourage creativity; and help students to develop an appreciation of art and their surroundings.

2008 - 2010 COET (San Juan, PR)
Art Teacher: Developed a program directed to students of four different public residential housing, based on elements and principles of design through disciplines such as drawing, and painting directed to encourage creativity, and help students develop an appreciation of art, life, and their surroundings. 

2004 - 2005 Centro de Acogida (San Juan, PR)
Social Worker: Investigated factors that produce, and promote homelessness, addictions, and poverty in order to assist the homeless population by providing professional insight guided by evidence based research. Offered groundbreaking strategies using art workshops to reduce the stress factor produced by withdrawals from active addiction.

Reviews & Publications:

•2014 - Marcano/Maldonado Artist’s Registry.
•2011 - El Status: ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
•2010 - Daily Sun: ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
•2010 - Daily Sun: ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
•2010 - Trancelíquido: ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
•2010 - El Nuevo Día, Culture: ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
•2010 - El Status: ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
•2010 - Convocatoria de arte correo Santa Lucía, Uruguay: ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
•2008 - El Nuevo Día; Culture: “Jeroglífos Orgánicos en Guatíbiri”; Tatiana Pérez Rivera ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
•2008 - El Status - Independent Platform for Contemporary Puerto Rican Art ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank", listed in the Artists’ section)
•2007 - El Nuevo Día; Flash: “Scion Next Fest”

•2007 - The Unknown Artist (

The painter and sound artist Calin Dover Tarrats is also known as “Janielsabe” and a member of Giratoriogroup ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" who performs as an experimental musician, poet and DJ - see  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"

"An upward tear to a monument to thieves" 2012
48"x 48"
Mixed media on canvas
Private Collection

"Creation vs Evolution" 2013
48"x 48"
Mixed media on canvas
Botello Gallery

"Un sol que nunca muere" 2011
60"x 48"
Mixed media on canvas
Private Collection


TELÉFONO: (787) 635-2010



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